An intricate organ useful urination, sex, and breeding

Your penis is actually a complex additional organ in people accustomed urinate as well as for sex and reproduction. They includes several parts, like the axle, direct, and foreskin.

This informative article relates to the fresh structure and you will function of the penis, plus conditions that make a difference the function or looks of your own dick from the beginning or after in life.


Your penis has reached the leading of system on the bottom of the new pelvis. The fresh new scrotum, that has had the new testicles, lies close to the dick.

  • Glans: The fresh new glans , or direct of cock, is the painful and sensitive design after the latest corpus (shaft).
  • Urethra: The newest urethra was a pipeline within the cock you to operates away from the fresh kidney for the direct of cock. It is used in urination. In addition it crosses through the prostate gland, where a gap, called the ejaculatory duct, receives sperm and you can water that make up semen.
  • Meatus: Brand new meatus ‘s the starting within idea of your glans through which urine or sperm exits you.
  • Prepuce: Brand new prepuce , or foreskin, are a free flex of surface which takes care of your head off your penis. Eliminating the brand new foreskin is referred to as circumcision.
  • Corpus cavernosa: The latest corpus cavernosa are a couple of columns out of spongy muscle that are running along the indoor shaft of the cock. When filled with blood, this new architecture stiffen, causing a hardon.
  • Corpus spongiosum: The latest corpus spongiosum is the third line from tissues one to inhibits this new urethra away from closure during a hardon.

Your penis was well supplied because of the arteries. Brand new shaft, which has the fresh new urethra and you may three articles from erectile cells, is actually wrapped in a ring out of connective cells called the fascia and you can wrapped in epidermis. The bottom of the penis are supported by connective frameworks, named suspensory ligaments, you to secure the dick nearby the pelvic bone.

Discover an extensive type faceflow into the cock size, and the average silky (“soft”) length of a penis is actually step 3.5 in. The common period of a vertical dick was six in, having the common width of five inches.


The key properties of penis are urinary and intimate. Brand new sexual purpose of your penis can be defined as several stages: hard-on and you may climax.


Urination ‘s the release of pee regarding human anatomy. This happens when pee tickets regarding bladder from the urethra toward meatus. The fresh urine try pushed out of the looks by the contraction of detrusor muscle mass from the wall structure of one’s kidney.

Between your cock and the kidney is the exterior sphincter strength, that is regulated to hold into the or release pee.


A hardon ‘s the stiffening of dick because of intimate arousal and you can/otherwise actual arousal. It is quite normal for erection quality that occurs while sleeping and you can upon waking. An erection happens when there can be a heightened flow of blood towards the corpus cavernosa and you will corpus spongiosum.

While in the a hardon, blood vessels giving the erectile buildings have a tendency to dilate (widen), resulting in the cock so you can engorge (fill) with bloodstream. The fresh new engorgement compresses the latest blood vessels through which bloodstream always exits the brand new cock. Which “traps” the blood and assists endure the new erection.


Ejaculation ‘s the discharge of sperm on the body. It is usually followed closely by a sexual effect named an orgasm.

  • Basic, a tube called the vas deferens deals, propelling sperm on testicles toward ejaculatory duct.
  • Meanwhile, the brand new prostate gland and you can seminal vesicles price, including liquids that make up all of the amount of sperm.
  • At the same time, rapid contraction regarding body at the base of one’s knob, entitled periurethral system, push sperm out of the penis.